Technology behind Molecular Stethoscope

Key developments in molecular biology, bioinformatics and drug development have positioned Molecular Stethoscope to leverage cf-mRNA to create accurate and clinically useful diagnostic tests.

  • Molecular Stethoscope has developed new methods for characterizing highly complex, rare fragments of mRNA in blood
  • Evolution of knowledge around pathways and novel computational techniques for processing and interpreting big data sets has enabled the formation of the Molecular Stethoscope proprietary database
  • Proliferation of expensive and highly effective targeted therapeutics has created an urgent need for diagnostics to facilitate informed selection
mRNA Polymerase Nontemplate Strand Template Stand mRNA Ribonucleotide
  • RNA Isolation

  • Quantification

    Sequencing and qPCR

  • Identification

    Tissue specific gene expression database

  • Separation

  • Algorithm development by machine learning

  • Deconvolution of disease state


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