What if_

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_You could assess the health and
function of every organ system in
the human body from a single
tube of blood?

What if_

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_You could identify people at high
risk for liver transplant and
cirrhosis before serious organ
damage occurs?

What if_

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_You could directly measure
disease progression and predict
and monitor therapeutic
response in cardiometabolic and
inflammatory diseases?


The technology is here

Circulating cell-free mRNA (cf-mRNA), isolated from blood, offers a window into a person’s health profile.

cf-mRNA reflects the function of individual organs and organ systems and therefore is highly informative and actionable.

cf-mRNA can detect serious forms of disease at its earliest stages, eliminate the need for invasive diagnostic procedures, and be used to guide early interventions.

cf-mRNA can monitor specific drug pathways and facilitate personalized therapies.

Molecular Stethoscope’s platform technology is applicable to a wide variety of diseases. We are currently focused on cardiometabolic and inflammatory diseases, where there are urgent medical needs.

mRNA (messenger RNA) is the genetic code responsible for directing protein synthesis within the body. Most mRNA is located within cells, but a small amount can be found circulating in the bloodstream, and is referred to as circulating cell-free mRNA (cf-mRNA). The cf-mRNA found in blood in normal individuals reflects baseline organ function and differs from patients with active disease. cf-mRNA is a largely unexploited biomarker with great potential.

This minimally invasive approach eliminates the need for surgical tissue acquisition and allows repeat assessment of a patient’s disease state over time. It is evident that “liquid biopsy” holds advantages over a tissue biopsy in providing minimally invasive follow-up of patients in the clinical setting.

Clinically Actionable Solutions for Crucial Medical Needs

Tissue-specific cf-mRNA is a newly developed area for molecular diagnostics. Based on this powerful approach, Molecular Stethoscope aims to transform healthcare by providing early insights into a patient’s health.

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